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Basics of Agile Testing

This training will empower you as a tester to take Agile testing from concept to practice in your own daily routine. It prepares test professionals that are moving from a more traditional way of working into Agile Development and will give you the confidence to make this transition a success.

Programme and Course Overview

You will benefit from this course if…

  • you are a Functional Tester,
  • you have professional testing experience,
  • no actual software development experience is required; the practical side of the training is focused on the functional aspects of testing and test automation.

Please, keep in mind that Agile Testing is a whole team effort, all (future) members of Agile Teams will benefit from understanding their contribution to the test process and the interaction with the test specialists on their team.

What you will achieve

This training is a mix of interactive exercises, real-life examples and group discussions.
After completing the 1-day training:
You will know:
  • and understand the Agile test mindset, how to overcome common cultural and process obstacles in the transition towards implementing an Agile Development process,
  • the values and principles that helps you adopt an Agile Testing mindset,
  • how the whole team contributes to the success of any testing practice, including test automation,
  • how to avoid common pitfalls in Agile testing.

You will have hands-on experience in:

  • completing testing activities in short iterations,
  • how to contribute on a daily basis, during each iteration and release cycle,
  • how to define and practically implement test management strategies,
  • requirements, specifications, and testing: focus on techniques such as Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Specification by Example,
  • healthy test automation: understand the ROI of test automation and set the first steps in test automation,
  • applying Exploratory Testing in an Agile context: focus on added value of exploration and curiosity in Agile testing.

You will have the skills to:

  • contribute as a tester to delivering a continuous stream of business value,
  • driving development through good strategies with both executable and manual tests,
  • add value as Agile Tester.

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Trainers :


Yogesh Arora

He is a seasoned leader, trainer and consultant having 20+ years of rich industry experience..


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