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Continuous Integration

To regularly validate the quality of the software you are producing is a time consuming task. You have to compile the sources, bring all components together, run tests and perhaps do some static code analysis. But, delivering fast feedback about the state of the software is essential to developers. So, let's automate the process!

This course will show you the tools to implement Continuous Integration and how to integrate them.

Programme and Course Overview

This course will be a mix of theory and practice, balancing 50% lecture with 50% hands-on exercises.

  • Introduction into Continuous Integration
  • Setting up Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Integrating Jenkins with Fitnesse for automated testing
  • Integrating Jenkins with Sonar for static code analysis
  • Integrating Jenkins with Jmeter for performance testing

Target Group & Prerequisites

The target audience for this course are developers and system administrators of organisations that are introducing Continuous Delivery. In order to perform the hands-on exercises, each student needs to bring a WiFi enabled laptop with VirtualBox installed to participate in the labs.

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Trainers :


Yogesh Arora

He is a seasoned leader, trainer and consultant having 20+ years of rich industry experience..


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