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Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT)

Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT)

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Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) is the first of two knowledge-based certifications on the Enterprise Coaching for Agility Track. This certification focuses on developing an understanding of agility at the enterprise level from structural, process, leadership, and cultural perspectives.

The Learning Outcomes include topics such as systems and complexity theory, measuring business performance from an agile perspective, agile frameworks for enterprise scaling, awareness of organizational design and structure, understanding leadership development, and engaging leadership in conversations about organizational culture.

As an advanced path, most courses in Enterprise Coaching for Agility involve a combination of classroom learning, and ongoing group discussions around practical experience in the field.
 "This accredited class is offered by ICAgile Member Organization Agile Visa".
  • The Field of Enterprise Coaching for Agility
  • Self-Mastery, Professional Development and Ethics
  • Understanding the Whole Value Stream
  • Business Agility
  • Organization Design and Structure
  • Organizational Processes and Improvement
  • Working with Leaders
  • Organizational Culture and Alignment
  • Developing an Agile Team Culture
  • Organization and Human Change Processes
  • Agile Transition and Transformation Change Strategies
  • Working with Organizational Impediments
  • Communicating, Educating and Facilitating for Organizational Change
  • An Enterprise Agile Coach is the main catalyst for designing and implementing Agile Transformation in any Organization. Also, to strategically work at a level that integrates an Agile development process with a company's business. Enterprise Agility is the result of taking a holistic ‘whole organisation’ approach to change to get better business results in a complex and rapidly changing market.

      The takeaways from this workshop are:
    • Understand Enterprise Coaching Skills and Scope.
    • Understand Enterprise Agility: Structures and Process Learn to analyse organizational structures and business processes at the organizational level and determine how to make them more agile.
    • Enterprise Agility: Leadership and Culture-Work with Executive teams to understand organizational needs; leverage leadership development models; engage all organizational levels in conversations about cultural change.
    • Change and Enterprise Agile Transitions: Learn how to work with organizations to enact agile transition strategies; manage organizational impediments; realize the powerful potency of agility at an enterprise level.
    Post completion of the workshop you will receive the certificate titled “ICAgile “Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT)" which has a Life Time Validity.
    Enterprise Coach, program and team-level Coaches, Agile Team Facilitators, or anyone aspiring to these roles. Also, anyone with a strong background in change management and/or organizational design and a curiosity about agile approaches at the enterprise-level will benefit from this certification.

    Why should I go for the ICP- ENT training?

    ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agility will help you to gain a deep understanding of agility at the enterprise level by learning the cultural, structural, process and leadership perspectives. You will learn how to design processes with agility in mind as well as how marketing, sales, finance should be engaged for business agility. You will also gain skills, tools and techniques to overcome common dysfunctions like handoffs and waste and how to design a system that supports high-performance, customer focus, and facilitates agility.

    Who can attend ICP -ENT?

    This course is relevant for enterprise, program and team-level Agile Coaches, Agile Team Facilitators, or anyone aspiring to these roles. Also, anyone with a strong background in change management and/or organizational design and a curiosity about agile approaches at the enterprise-level will benefit from this certification.

    What are the pre-requisites for this workshop?

    It is recommended you have at least 3 years- experience working as a team coach using professional coaching techniques or have attended an ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching course, or equivalent.

    What are the training deliverables?

    The training deliverables are:

    • Hands on Activities, group discussions
    • Concepts clarity which will help you understand the roles and responsibilities of an Agile enterprise
    • Soft copy certificate after completing your workshop

    What is the exam format like?

    There is no exam.

    Who issues the certificate?

    Successful completion of this workshop results in the ICAgile “Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) certificate from the internationally recognized ICAgile certification body.

    Is the certification fee different?

    The certification fee is included in the workshop fee.

    Can I take a virtual/online course for ICP-ENT?

    Yes, we do have both the choices, Online and Classroom.

    What is the validity of the certification?

    It has lifetime validity.

    Who will be the trainer?

    Delight learning has a rich pool of experienced and passionate trainers. The trainer's credentials will be shared once you register with us. We have certified trainers to impart our sessions.

    Is there something I should read before the workshop?

    Yes, once you register with us for the workshop we will share some reading material over an email. You can go through that before coming for the workshop.

    What language is the training conducted?

    All trainings conducted by Delight Learning are in English.

    How can I pay for this workshop?

    Our website has options to pay by Credit card, Debit card, Payment wallets, direct transfer to account.

    If I cancel my enrolment, will I get the refund?

    Please refer the Cancellation and Refund Policy

    If I have more questions whom should I contact?

    If you have more questions feel free to contact us on, write to us on and you can also reach us on +91 8660081352 +91 9908496350.

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