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Kanban Basics

Learning Objectives of CP-AAT

Kanban is a lean approach to Agile software development and is a new way of team work based on the Lean principles. It helps you to reach higher effectiveness and to create a culture of continuous improvements with a minimal amount of changes. Used effectively, Kanban can change you and your organization.

Programme and Course Overview

You will benefit from this course if…

  • you are (interested in) working with Kanban.

What you will achieve

After completing the 2-day training:

You will know:

  • why Kanban is a good choice for you and your organization,
  • the Kanban mechanics and principles,
  • how to use the simple process of limiting work-in-progress as a driver of change,
  • Kanban metrics.

You will have hands-on experience in:

  • a new method to unleash productivity, innovation, collaboration and creativity in a stagnating workplace, Demand Analysis, Value-Network Mapping, Work Item Types and WIP Limits,
  • the Kanban Simulation Game.

You will have the skills to:

  • define the policies that constrain the collaborative game of software development,
  • use these policies to manage risk, to reset negotiations and recast them as collaborative problem solving.

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Trainers :


Yogesh Arora

He is a seasoned leader, trainer and consultant having 20+ years of rich industry experience..


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