Certified ScrumMaster Certification, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Project Management Professional,  Agile Certified Practitioner, SAFe Agilist (SA)
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SAFe Advanced Scrum Master

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SAFe 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master Course with SASM Certification.

This two-day course prepares current Scrum Masters for their leadership role in facilitating Agile team, program, and enterprise success in a SAFe® implementation.

The course covers facilitation of cross-team interactions in support of the program execution and relentless improvement. It enhances the Scrum paradigm with an introduction to scalable engineering and DevOps practices; the application of Kanban to facilitate the flow of value; and supporting interactions with architects, product management, and other critical stakeholders in the larger program and enterprise contexts.

The course offers actionable tools for building high-performing teams and explores practical ways of addressing Agile and Scrum anti-patterns in the enterprise.

  • SAFe® framework, values, and Lean-Agile principles.
  • Agile and Scrum anti-patterns.
  • Program increment planning, execution, and Inspect and Adapt workshops
  • Program increment planning, execution, and Inspect and Adapt workshops.
  • Quality engineering, Agile architecture, and DevOps practices.
  • Kanban for facilitating team and program flow of work.
  • Building high-performing teams.
  • Interaction with the system team, deployment, UX, architects, product owners, product management, and business owners.
  • Learning and Communities of Practice.
After this course, you should be able to:
  • Apply SAFe® principles to facilitation, enablement, and coaching in the multi-team environment.
  • Build a high-performing team and foster relentless improvement at the team and program levels.
  • Address Agile and Scrum anti-patterns.
  • Support the adoption of engineering practices, DevOps, and Agile architecture.
  • Apply Kanban and flow to optimize the team’s work.
  • Facilitate program planning, execution, and delivery of end-to-end systems value.
  • Support learning through participation in Communities of Practice and innovation cycles.
Attendees of the SAFe SASM course are strongly suggested to have one of the following certificates:
  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or Professional Scrum Master (PSM)
  • Alternatively, SAFe Practitioners (SPs) who have attended the SAFe Scrum Master Orientation.
Exam link will be enabled within 0-5 days
The following individuals will benefit from this course:
  • Existing Scrum Masters
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers,
  • Others who have assumed the role of an Agile team facilitator in a SAFe® or enterprise Agile context, Engineering and development managers who will be responsible for Agile execution and for coaching teams and teams of teams.
Attendees typically include:
  • Professional Services Consultants
  • Business and Technology Executives and Leaders, Managers, Directors
  • Portfolio Managers and Fiduciaries
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Product and Product Line Managers
  • Process Leads and Lifecycle Governance Personnel
  • Enterprise, System and Solution Architects
  • Internal Change Agents, Lean-Agile Center for Excellence, Agile Working Group

How is the Online Exam format?

The Exam format is either Multiple choice Question or True/False type.

What is the Exam Duration?

The Exam is of 120 minutes duration and 82 Questions to be answered.

What is the % marks to be scored to Pass?

You need to score 70% and above to Pass.

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