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Nanda Lankalapalli

Nanda Lankalapalli


Achutananda (Nanda) Lankalapalli has been developing software since 1992. He is a Software Craftsman, Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and an Enterprise Transformation Coach. Nanda has served in various roles like tester, developer, manager, architect and worked in different domains like Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare, Financial Services. Nanda has been practicing Scrum since 2002 and benefited on several projects he managed. Nanda worked directly with some of the agile visionaries like Mike Cohn (Mountain Goat Software) and Lisa Crispin. Nanda is proficient in Agile Software Development that is not just limited to Scrum but also integrating with Engineering Practices (from XP) and Lean Software development practices. He is successful in aligning the business goals with the engineering goals and maximizing the value delivered timely. Nanda has extensive knowledge and experience in large-scale scrum using LeSS framework.

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Upcoming Courses By Nanda Lankalapalli

Name of Courses : CAL-E (Certified Agile Leadership Essentials)

Location : Bengaluru

Date :July, 07-08

Name of Courses : Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM)

Location : Hyderabad

Date :July, 09-10

Name of Courses : CAL-T (Certified Agile Leadership for Teams)

Location : Bengaluru

Date :July, 14-15

Name of Courses : Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM)

Location : Bengaluru

Date :July, 18-19

Name of Courses : CAL-O (Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations)

Location : Bengaluru

Date :July, 21-22

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